The Temple ... When I pronounce this word slowly, I immediately imagine myself in our church of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin in Shchyolkovo. I see the painted walls, which are the same as in 1800, old icons that remember all the parishioners since the time when the church services began. And I'm overwhelmed with such a great blessing feeling that I understand - there is no more happiness on the earth!

This great joy must be passed on to our descendants. To pass means to preserve everything that there is in our temple. To save means to restore the icons and repair the building of the temple. This requires money.

Those who donate any sum of money to our church will receive gifts by mail:

1. A festive set: the paper copy of the Theodore Icon of the Mother of God of our church of 1800, which original is as old as the temple. The image of the restored icon of the Virgin on the background of the church on Epiphany.

Those who donate the sum of 10 thousand rubles will receive the blessing of the rector of the church to write the name on the plate at the Icon of Theodore of Our Lady for ever!

2. CD with my album of Russian folk songs. Live voice and orchestra.

Listen online

3. Three most generous donators will receive one set for the Easter of 2019. These sets were consecrated on the Holy Sepulchre on November 3, 2016, when for the first time in 500 years a marble slab was removed from the Holy Sepulchre for restoration.

Lubov Ivanova
Fundraiser of the temple (collector of donations)
+7 (963) 630-31-66, WhatsApp

Send your postal address (city, main post office, poste restante, to whom) with the indication of the sum of the donation to the email address: lubaivanova5@mail.ru and you will receive gifts by mail.

Donations can be made in the following ways

1. Transfer to a Bank account of the temple

Bank requisites:
Расч.сч. 40703810440480100254
Корр.сч. 30101810400000000225
ИНН 5050014382
БИК 044525225
"Сбербанк России" ПАО г. Москва Щековское ОСБ 9040/02500
КПП 505001001
ОКАТО 46259501000
Payee: Местная религиозная организация православный приход Покровского храма города Щелково Московской области
Payment purpose: Пожертвования на уставную деятельность храма, без налога НДС.

2. Postal order

The address of the temple: 141100, г. Щелково, ул. Широкая, д.72
Payment purpose: Пожертвования на уставную деятельность храма, без налога НДС.